Erase My MArijuana Case

Why Use Erase My Marijuana Case

Our new division of The Baker Law Firm, a highly regarded criminal defense firm located out of Phoenix, Arizona for the last 17 years, is Arizona’s first and only law firm division solely dedicated to marijuana related criminal record expungement. Our fast, easy, and affordable online platform process takes between twenty to forty minutes to complete and upon completion, Erase My Marijuana Case handles the rest. You can move on with your life for a fraction of the fees and time it takes other law firms to complete the process. Erase My Marijuana Case is less expensive than other firms, more efficient, and provides the best value in the marijuana expungement industry.

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Arizona’s Marijuana Expungement Professionals

Misdemeanor Cases

Misdemeanor marijuana/paraphernalia records expunged and erased for $499 per case! Most other law firms would charge $1000 to $2000 for misdemeanor record expungement. Our streamlined online platform reduces attorney time and maximizes the value you receive for your hard earned money paid to our firm.


Felony Cases

Felony marijuana/paraphernalia records erased for $899 per case! Other law firms may charge between $1500 to $3000 to erase and expunge felony marijuana records. We have streamlined the process to offer felony marijuana record erasure that doesn’t cost you a fortune and takes a fraction of the time as doing it yourself.


Who Qualifies

Beginning on July 12, 2021, any individual who was arrested for, charged with, adjudicated or convicted of, or sentenced for any marijuana-related offense pursuant to ARS-36-2862 is eligible for expungement. It doesn’t matter how old your case is, whether your case was later dismissed, or whether you were convicted, we can erase most marijuana-related records in Arizona related to:

  • Possessing, consuming, or transporting less than 2.5 ounces or less of marijuana or 12 grams of marijuana concentrate
  • Possessing, transporting, cultivating, or processing not more than six marijuana plants at the individual’s primary residence for personal use
  • Possessing, using or transporting paraphernalia relating to the cultivation, manufacture, processing, or consumption of marijuana.


Why Hire A Lawyer?



You won’t have to take time away from your busy scheduleule to sit in court. We’ll appear on your behalf and take care of everything from start to finish.



We utilize our knowledge and experience to get you through the process correctly and efficiently the first time.



We have access to tools and information that can make the process easier.

About Us

We’re here to help Arizonans move on from marijuana-related charges that are holding them back from living their best lives. We are in the business of fresh starts, and one of the best ways to do that is by facilitating the legal process of removing marijuana records from public view. And thanks to our innovative and user-friendly online platform process, we process marijuana case expungements quickly and affordably.