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You have choices when it comes to marijuana record erasure in Arizona, so why choose us to handle this process for you?


We are Arizona’s first and only law firm dedicated to this issue and have created the most streamlined and user-friendly process to handle record expungement requests fast.

ARS-36-2862 is the law in Arizona that makes it possible for people to erase their marijuana-related criminal records. We created a division of The Baker Law Firm solely based on this statutory scheme, so we know it like the back of our hand.


In the very rare and unlikely case that you need to attend a hearing to have your record expunged, we will appear with you for a nominal fee. Other lawyers may charge thousands of dollars to show up in court, but we aren’t in this for the money–we’re in it to help lives.

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Experienced and Affordable

We are advocates for the people, change agents, and relentless believers in criminal justice reform and seeing the end of the war on drugs. We are a division of The Baker Law Firm, a highly regarded law firm here in the valley for over 15 years serving thousands of clients across the state. When you submit your case to us, The Baker Law Firm will formally prepare and file your documents.

Michael Baker has practiced for close to 20 years in criminal defense and has hundreds of five-star reviews. From murder cases to simple disorderly conduct–and yes, even marijuana record erasure–Mr. Baker treats each client as a family member that he is obligated to protect.

Mr. Baker and the Erase My Marijuana Case team will ensure that your expungement matter is handled correctly from start to finish.

When Michael Baker reviewed the new expungement statute, ARS 36-2862, he immediately realized that traditional lawyering on this type of matter would cost anywhere between $1500-$3000 per case. Mr. Baker has always felt that the access to justice in Arizona, and across America, is severely lacking due to financial access. is our attempt to make legal access more accessible by making it more affordable.

Mr. Baker is an avid opponent of the drug war and hopes that the Marijuana Expungement Movement results in an outright apology to those affected by the government that jailed them, put them on probation, stripped away their rights, and ostracized them from our communities. Forms of marijuana have been used by humans around the world in all kinds of cultures for at least three thousand years. No one should be punished for consuming or possessing marijuana, and no one should have to live with that on their record. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Mr. Baker is vehemently against a drug war that has never been won, never will be won, and has victimized large swaths of our country. We believe the justice system should lend a hand, not handcuffs. The drug war is an insane policy, but Prop 207 and ARS-36-2862 are proof that sanity is winning out.