The Process


Erase My Marijuana Case believes that anyone impacted by the war on drugs should have the opportunity to start fresh. We have invested time and money developing the fastest and most user-friendly process to remove the guesswork, headache, and frustration from marijuana record erasure. In less than 30 minutes, you will be on your way to closing out an embarrassing and troublesome chapter in your life.

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Fast, Easy, and Affordable Marijuana Criminal Record Expungement

Collect Case Details

You will need to provide us with your case number and other identifying information so we process your petition and order of expungement.

Submit Case Information

Once you have case details in front of you, fill out the case submission form on our website and hit “Finish.” We handle the rest.

Submit Payment Per Case

We charge a flat rate for misdemeanor and felony marijuana record expungements. Our fees are based on case numbers, not counts.

Await Processing

Sit back and relax. We will send you the petition for expungement and signed order for your records after they are processed by the court.